Salih Köksalan was born in Ankara in 1954. He graduated from Maltepe Primary School in 1965 and then from Ankara College in 1972. He received his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Middle East Technical University (METU). He worked as an architect until 1991 and opened his first exhibition in the same year. Since then, he paints full-time.

His first exhibition was a portraiture exhibition and for six years following this show he didn`t open any exhibitions, trying to discover ways of expressing himself better. In 1997 he opened his second exhibition also in Ankara and since then he has been showing his work regularly in galleries in Ankara, Istanbul, Houston, New York, Munich and in Berlin.He also has painted murals in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Turkey and Bucharest, Romenia, and Sochi, Russia.

Salih Koksalan is a self taught artist, whose art is about controlled accidentality, He tries to discover the figure he is looking for, in brush strokes which he exercises on canvas ,randomly but with the theme in mind.He finds similarities with his art and the art of coffee ground reading..As far as trying to see and interpret the stains that exist already is concerned.He thinks these similarities also exist with the coffee drinker- coffee ground reader- and coffee cup and painter- viewer -the art work.

In 2003, Köksalan discovered Argentine Tango and was immediately in love with it, and following his visit to Buenos Aires in October 2005 he has started painting Argentine Tango, trying to express the intensity he feels while dancing it. Since then he has been showing his Tango Paintings with the theme “ A Sad Thought Painted” in the Istanbul Tango Festival July 2006, Istanbul Tango Ritual Festival, November 2006, Ankara December 2006, Texas Houston January 2007, New York January 2007, Munich April 2007, Berlin May 2007..

He still keeps working on paintings in Ankara. In addition to his exhibitions, he also has murals in the country and abroad.